Empowering Future Providers: Transformative Learning Opportunities in Our Clinical Rotations

We provide educational opportunities for future medical practitioners. We are an established rotation site for graduating nurse practitioner students, physician assistant students, and family practice residents from MUSC,  Charleston Southern university, and various online universities for NP students.

Internships for college students in public health at free clinics provide hands-on experience, skill development, and networking opportunities. They expose students to diverse populations and healthcare disparities, boosting their confidence and enhancing their resumes. These experiences nurture personal growth, encourage career exploration, and reinforce a commitment to community service, preparing students for meaningful careers in public health while benefiting underserved communities.

We ar an accredited site for internships from College of Charleston.

Impact of these rotations

These clinical hours are required for graduation and can be difficult to secure.By 2030, South Carolina is projected to require an increase of almost 30% in primary care physicians. By helping provide the rotation needed we keep our students in state.

While on rotation, student providers benefit from hands-on learning, patient interaction, and mentorship from our diverse volunteer providers. This aspect of our clinic model ensures that patients receive quality care and the providers of tomorrow are confident, knowledgeable, and compassionate. The seed of altruism is planted, and they develop a new outlook on their impact when they become providers.

Steps to Secure Your Student Rotation

Send an email to Volunteercoordinator.shifa@gmail.com

Include in the email: You name, Program name, amount of hours needed, Speciality required and time frame you will be able to start.

Once your eligibility is determined please fill out the application in its entirety with documents uploaded.

Once your application is reviewed and approved. We will send you a  detailed email with links for orientation and verification survey to be completed prior to first day.

Thank you for allowing myself to learn and be a part of the Shifa Clinic for the past 5 weeks. Not only was I able to sharpen my clinic knowledge in regards to women health, but was able to be a part of a community that was serving those in need.  Thank you to the staff for constant support and guidance throughout this rotation. They rock!!  Thank you all again.

Andrew Forina PA Student

This has been one of my favorite rotations yet! After the first day I was amazed how kind and welcoming you and your staff were.  It is easy to see how passionate you are about the clinic. I am so thankful I had the chance to come experience SHIFA for a few weeks. I will never forget my time working with everyone at the clinic

Jack Payne PA student from CSU.

The clinic runs like a well oiled machine! I loved that I was able to be a part of something greater, here in my own city! The clinical experience was wonderful – I’ve had one clinical before, but the experiences were night and day! I was able to function almost independently – seeing patients, formulating my own plan and then worked with  precepetors who made sure what I wanted to do was safe and appropriate for our patients. I also enjoyed the interdisciplinary approach – being able to bounce ideas off of other students (NP, PA, MD, RN, Public Health Interns, PharmDs, etc) was invaluable. It was such a unique experience, I can tell I have grown in the 14 weeks I’ve been with the clinic. I would definitely recommend  Shifa as a whole to future NP students (and I already have!)!

  Lindsey Willis  NP student


Hello! I’m Meredith Sussman, your Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator at ICNA Relief Shifa Free Clinic of Charleston.

I’m thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all our amazing students and volunteers. With a background in Geography and Political Science from West Virginia University and an Associate’s Degree in Human Services from Trident Technical College, I’ve proudly called Charleston home for a decade.

My passion lies in promoting health equity and building stronger communities through non-profit outreach.

As the Student Coordinator for Rotations, I extend a warm welcome to all students embarking on their training journey with us.

Your dedication to learning and growth is commendable, and I am here to support you every step of the way. From scheduling your rotations to addressing any issues that may arise, my goal is to ensure a smooth and enriching experience for each of you.

Together, we will navigate through challenges and seize opportunities for professional development.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time, and let’s make this training period a rewarding and transformative experience.!

You can reach me at my email Volunteercoordinator.shifa@gmail.com or my desk at 843-352-4580 ext 2136 during business hours Monday through Friday between 7:30 am to 4 PM

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