About The Program

Shifa clinics mission is to serve uninsured and vulnerable community members with high-quality medical care free of charge to TriCounty indigent residents. With the increased numbers of job losses and evictions, and the added uncertainty of the pandemic, we feel the need to broaden our initiatives to have an even greater impact. Since prevention of disease is the first line of defense, we plan to allocate funds to provide pop-up healthcare.  

Program Details and Services provided. 

We continue to value the attention to chronic medical conditions required throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and provide screenings for chronic medical conditions and COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. We will provide screening for:

  •  Hypertension,   
  • Diabetes , ( initial with glucose and if high will perform Hg A1c testing on site)  
  • Vision loss,  
  • BMI,  
  • Anemia,  
  • Lung cancer (questionnaire for eligibility), 
  • Register eligible candidates for no-cost mammograms.  
  • We would also provide COVID-19 outreach education along with the administration of vaccines and boosters. 

All test results will be provided to you on a health card. Also, on-site counselling will be provided to people with abnormal results and will be given the opportunity to establish care at Shifa Free Clinic for follow up care.


Our approach is based on the knowledge that health is influenced by myriad complex and inter-related factors.

These include:

  1. individual behaviours and beliefs
  2. family environments
  3. community and work cultures
  4. practices and policies
  5. broader socioeconomic factors such as culture, legislation, the media and economics.

The increase in chronic disease is having, and will continue to have, an impact on our health care system and prevention is seen as the best management tool. We focus on prevention by using following strategies

  • Provide health education in culturally sensitive manner in the language best understood by the patient.
  • Create supportive environments
  • Strengthen community action by conducting health fairs.


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