Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

We are searching for a talented and professional Community Outreach Coordinator to maintain all community outreach activities. You will represent the company and work with the management team to develop and implement initiatives that increase company visibility within the surrounding community. You need to be self-motivated, enthusiastic, and community-driven to take on this exciting role. The Volunteer/Outreach coordinator supervises volunteers and provides direction, coordination, and consultation for all volunteer functions within the office to strengthen public or private programs and involve a community of supporters as described in the duties outlined below.

As part of marketing coordinator tasks include: coordinating marketing and community events, assisting with the development, execution, and monitoring of email, digital, social media, and content marketing campaigns, creating original content, and conducting market research.

This position has the goal to empower healthcare personnel, engage communities and individuals. Nurture new and old relationships with collaborative partners Also, will be responsible for ensuring and handled correctly while working in an unstructured environment with numerous interruptions throughout the day.

Job Description:

· Supervises volunteers and provides direction, coordination, and consultation for all volunteer functions and recruit, interviews, orients and place applicants for volunteer work.

· Provides ongoing support and guidance for volunteers acting as a single point of contact for communications.

· Develop, promote, and maintain a wide range of volunteer opportunities within the organization, ensuring volunteers are staffed to support the various areas of operations and outreach programs.

· Public relations:  Public relations is a way that an Outreach Coordinator will communicate with donors, volunteers, other organizations , and the media to represent the organization. Press releases, brochures, social media, email campaigns, and attending community events are ways an Outreach Coordinator uses public relations. Updating website as needed with events and other details

· Collects data and information to focus on the donors, events, and venues that may be useful to the organization.

· Project management and event coordination are some administrative duties an Outreach Coordinator may do in addition to supervising staff and office work that benefits the organization.

·  Other duties may be assigned as appropriate.

Job Skills Requirements:

  • Proficient in basic computer applications, such as word processing, Excel, PowerPoint spreadsheets, and internet usage Record keeping skills (for admissions and marketing).
  • Organization and planning skills.
  • Strong knowledge of social media and other basic marketing platforms. with the ability to manage multiple projects at a time. WordPress and Canva knowledge essential.
  • Effective communication and writing skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • People skills
  • Adaptability


  • Demonstrated capability to conduct oneself in a calm and professional demeanor when dealing with the public and/or with difficult situations. Also, recognizing, exercising, and improving own leadership.
  • Motivating and inspiring others.
  • Collaborating and influencing.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Demonstrated capability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • Ability to work well with a diverse group of staff and volunteers.
  • Willingness to adjust hours to accommodate the needs of the job.
  • Ability to effectively manage a wide array of tasks, projects, and responsibilities.
  • Ability to work productively with frequent interruptions.

Education and Experience:
Bachelor degree and administrative job experience /GED plus have job-related experience, managing volunteer programs, leading teams and/or organizations.

Knowledge of management principles and evaluation techniques related to programs that involve a care of volunteers.
Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and basic Excel skills.

To apply, send your resume to: shifa.sc@icnarelief.org

Food Pantry Assistant

Food Pantry Assistant

Shifa Free Clinic is proud to serve its community with its four Hunger Prevention Programs that provide food for patients in the clinic as well as those in need. These four programs include On-Site Pick Up, Monthly Home Deliveries, Child Hunger Prevention, and Fresh Express. We are looking for a Food Pantry Assistant who can make a difference in our community.

The food pantry assistant will work under the supervision of the food pantry coordinator as a team member performing duties and providing support to program staff and clients.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for inventory of donated food, sorting food, and restocking shelves.
2. Daily restocking and unloading of food to and from storage containers, walk-in refrigerator, and freezer.
3. Assist with the setup of all food distributions.
4. Generate and follow up data reports.
5. Responsible for assisting volunteers and donors unload their vehicles.
6. Serving clients that are food insecure by providing free food.
7. Weigh all food items when brought to the agency; complete log-in form, and inventory donations and provide receipts to donors.
8. Keep the workplace, shelves, walk-in refrigerator and freezer, and pallet area neat including cleaning and sanitizing tables, carts, refrigerators/freezers, as well as sweeping and mopping floors.
9. Pick up food donations from local markets by driving an agency van.
10. Assist with client check-in and bagging of food as needed.
11. Maintain safe and sanitary conditions of all distribution sites including cleaning and sanitizing tables and carts, sweeping and mopping the floors, as well as disposing of garbage and cardboard.
12. Our preference is to find someone with volunteer experience who enjoys supporting and bringing people together. Spanish speaking skills a plus!

To apply, send your resume to: shifa.sc@icnarelief.org