What we do

Shifa Free Clinic is a full-service gynecology office specializing in the comprehensive treatment of women of all ages. Our primary goal is to meet the patient’s needs – which can range from providing annual preventive exams to management of a wide range of gynecological problems. We offer no-cost labs, medications, and low cost ultrasound services to provide the most thorough assessment of a patient’s problem. 

Our Free of Cost Services Include

Annual Exams

Our providers at SHIFA free clinic care about you and your health, making a yearly exam is one of the most important things a woman can do to ensure good overall health and wellness.

This is a time you can discuss specific concerns as well as review important topics with your provider, including breast health, sexual health, contraception, menstrual cycle and associated symptoms, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, bone health, and diet and exercise.

This visit will also be a time for a full physical exam as well as appropriate screening tests including cervical cancer screening (a PAP smear which may include an HPV test), STD screening, and lab tests – all done in house.

At an annual exam, you may also receive an order for a no cost screening mammogram, and colon cancer screening options depending on your age and/or symptoms.

Preventative Exams and Screening

The objective of cancer screening is to detect cancer before symptoms appear, involving various methods such as blood tests, urine tests, DNA tests, and medical imaging

We offer no Cost Breast, Cervical and Colon Cancer screening for eligible patients

Adult Vaccinations

Adults need to keep their vaccinations up to date because immunity from childhood vaccines can wear off over time. You are also at risk for different diseases as an adult. Vaccination is one of the most convenient and safest preventive care measures available. Vaccines not only reduce your risk of illness but can prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

Shifa Clinic provides, Gardasil, Tetanus, Flu,and  Pneumococcal, MMR for adults


Diagnostic and Minor Surgical Procedures

We offer endometrial biopsies, Polypectomy, Colposcoy, vulvar biopsies and LEEP procedure in house.

Contraception Options

 We offer on site dispensing of Oral Birth control pills, depo Prover injections and Nuvaring.

In addition, LARC like Nexplanon, Mirena and Skyla insertions can be done based on availability of supplies and waiting list.

Survivor Story: Overcoming Cancer with Courage and Care

About 9% of all new cases of breast cancer in the United States are found in women younger than 45 years of age

One of our clients, who has benefitted from our continuum of care and multidisciplinary approach is Vilma. She is a 35-year-old hispanic undocumented immigrant who initially started her care with us in April of 2019. She came for pregnancy care and was delivered via the Caesarean section in late December 2019. We did not see her after that, but she came back to us on 01/2022 with a 10-month history of breast mass. She said she visited other clinics in the meantime, and she has been told not to worry about the mass as she is breastfeeding the baby and it is just a blocked duct. The evaluation was concerning, and we provided her with a no-cost diagnostic mammogram and breast biopsy which proved to be breast cancer. Through our partnership with Breast Chance Network and collaborating hospitals we were able to provide her not only with the evaluation but she is also now in process of treatment through the network.


“In March 2019, I got pregnant and looked for prenatal care. I found the clinic online; I called and filled out the application to give me prenatal care; all are very well and excellent. They helped with breast cancer screening, and I came out positive. They have helped and guided me to receive the best treatment for this disease. I can only say thank you for your excellent medical services and that people must continue to support this institution.”

Vilma Alvarado