Monthly Home Deliveries


We know that ending hunger in our communities requires collaboration. Because when we work together, we give more people access to fresh, nutritious food. We partner with churches, places of worship, and local organizations to support their families with food boxes and groceries.

We are currently partnered with the following organizations:

  • Two Rivers Church
  • Brighton Place


  • “Picking up food requires transportation, gas money, babysitters, and/or taking time off work. This partnership helps make food more accessible in underserved communities where people with limited resources may not be able to access food through traditional grocery stores or food pantries. That’s why we are thankful to ease some of the worries off families by collaborating with ICNA Relief Shifa Free Clinic.” – Kanani Burns, Outreach Coordinator at Two Rivers Church
  • “I recently had my car repossessed and was on the verge of being evicted. I am thankful for the food I received from the Shifa Clinic.” Roberto
  • “I was forced to make a decision of putting gas in my car to go get food from the food bank or to pay a bill. Since the Shifa Clinic delivered food to my house, no need to worry.” Gildardo
  • “I am a grandmother that was shut in my house due to COVID-19 for days with no way to get to the store or to acquire food to eat. It was nice that the Shifa Clinic delivered food to my house, so I can stay safe.” Floridalma
  • “The meals are carefully planned out, and I know I am getting nutritious food. Thank you.” Guadeloupe