Patient Testimonials

Having operating close to two years, we have seen over 300 patients and have an over 90% patient satisfaction rate. This is what some of our patients had to say:

“This is a great service by Shifa Clinic. Today, I and my wife both attended the Diabetes workshop and listened to the presentation and discussion. Both of us are diabetic and hypertensive for several years but we’re not aware of many things about the disease. Shifa Clinic Diabetes program helped us a lot. We now know the disease better and the importance of healthy eating, and the need for physical activity to control diabetes and live healthy. We are thankful to Shifa clinic for giving us this opportunity and also giving us the blood glucose monitoring kits that will help us to monitor diabetes at home, particularly at this time of COVID-19 challenges when everything is under shut down. I will recommend this program for all diabetes and also non-diabetes patients.”

Anonymous patient

Atlanta, Georgia

July 2020

“I am so glad that that I had come today to see a doctor at the clinic.  I was suffering from pain in my joints for several months and was not aware of the free health care services. My neighbor told me about Shifa Clinic. They helped me a lot with doctor visit and lab tests. I thank Shifa clinic for their free service to the community. May Allah give them peace and long life!”

Patient from Lawrenceville


February 2020

“Shifa clinic has come to my community. It’s like seeing a doctor at home. Thanks to all Shifa clinic staff and doctor for your kindness and help to us. I was having high blood pressure for long time and out of medicine. I have no transportation to go to a doctor. Now, doctor gave me prescriptions and also told me how to get free medicine. This is a great help for the community!”

Patient attending Community Health Fair

Jonesboro, Georgia

March 2019