This is a new initiative of the Shifa Clinic Duluth,Georgia. We received a grant from the CVS Health Foundation early this year which enables us to expand our clinic services at scope and scale. We identified Diabetes is a major health problem in our community and designed special services for them, particularly at the time of COVID-19 health challenges. Because, Diabetic patients are at more risk of COVID-19 infection and death. Our project identifies all Diebteic patients that are already enlisted in our patient database and reaches out to them to check a few critical things about their health conditions; level of diabetes control, medication compliance, and health education, among others. We support and provide them fowling services that will keep their Diabetes under control and avoid serious complications:
1. Home monitoring of blood glucose and blood pressure
2. Regular Doctor visit and consultation about the condition and complication
3. Assist with routine lab tests and follow up care
4. Conduct educational workshops to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the disease focusing on healthy eating and lifestyle.
The project takes proactive initiatives to reach out to Diabetic patients as opposed to they reach out to us which often they forget and that leads to long periods of unmonitored Diabetes resulting in serious complications.
In our project, Emory University School of Medicine is also collaborating on patient educational aspects and helping us design the educational workshop and materials. 
We will continue to provide this special Diabetes Service to all our Diebetic patients and also to all who are at risk of Diabetes in the community. Our goal is to keep the community informed about Diabetes and its long term health hazards and support them to adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid the serious complications.