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Current: COVID-19 Efforts

In a time of uncertainty, our donors and volunteers have stepped up to provide food, groceries and hygiene products.

Ramadan Recap

We made sure our Muslim neighbors had enough for suhoor and iftaar. We also made sure our donors had spiritual reminders, nutritional advice, mental health advice, and workouts!

Take a look at our Ramadan Recap Video

Be the Ansar Campaign

This Ramadan, we had a 20 Day Ansar Challenge to showcase the many projects ICNA Relief is partaking in across the nation. You can still check out our projects by learning more about each day and reach out if you’d like to keep supporting!


To uplift young hearts with new backpacks and school supplies.

Hunger Prevention

One in six American children have food insecurity, and we should not let that happen.

Disaster Relief

Our team helps families affected by natural disasters. The volunteers work together rebuilding homes and clearing debris.

Transitional Housing

So our Muslim sisters can have dignity and a roof for their children while getting back on their feet.

Muslim Family Services

To aid new refugees, and the families who need it most, through resources, assistance, and education.

Health Services

Free health clinics and fairs for the uninsured.

“Those who spend their money in the night and in the day, secretly and openly, they will have their reward with their Lord, there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.”

[Quran 2:274]