About the Clinic

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind.

ICNA Relief Medical Clinic Dallas has made it our goal to provide care to uninsured and underinsured individuals throughout Dallas. At ICNA Relief Medical  Clinic, we provide primary care, specialty care and mental health services in an integrated, patient-centered manner, regardless of background, race, and religion. All programs are at zero cost to the patient! 

Our doctors consult patients on preventative care and chronic disease management. Our mental health services include but is not limited to, individual counseling, psychiatric services, community education, and group counseling.

Free Services Provided

Medical Clinic: Every Saturday 11am – 2pm (except holidays) and Tuesdays twice a month 6pm – 9pm

Psychiatric Clinic and Counseling: Every Tuesday 6pm – 9pm and the first Saturday of every month 11am – 2pm

Ultrasound: Every Month on Saturday 11am – 2pm

EKG Testing: Every Saturday 11am – 2pm

ADDRESS: 10874 Plano Road #A Dallas, TX 75238

PHONE: 469-291-7411

FAX: 214-602-3510

Email: dallasclinic@icnarelief.org