"Nothing is sweeter than generosity!"

Whether you give up one sweet or two and give instead to charity, we hope you strive to become healthier in life. Here's to good health! #nomorecupcakes

  • A 30-Day Challenge to sacrifice dessert to help provide halal, healthy food to people in need through ICNA Relief's Hunger Prevention program.
  • To follow the Prophet's command to feed the hungry. We live a privileged life, it's only fair we give back to those who truly need it.
  • To live a healthier lifestyle while exercising self-control -- all for a good cause!

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You'll be helping others:

  • Donate the money you saved from skipping dessert all month long (or a generous amount of your choice) to support ICNA Relief's 27 halal food pantries and weekly hot meal distributions across the US. Read more about them here

You'll be helping yourself:

  • Our bodies are a blessing from Allah swt and we should take care of them by not consuming too many sweets that may not be good for us.

Why should you join?

What is the "No More Cupcakes" challenge?

How will this help make a difference?

Q. So, are you seriously telling me to stay away from sugar for a whole month?!

A. Not quite! You can have your daily fruit and tea/coffee with sugar -- just abstain from decadent sweets like cakes, cupcakes, gulab jaman, baklava, pie, get the idea.

Q. What are certain sweets I should try to best stay away from while on this challenge?

A. Stay away from added sugars: sugar that is added to make something sweeter. Focus on what you should be eating in moderation: fruits. Try to make desserts from items such as unsweetened apple sauce and dates. It's best to avoid added sweeteners (sugar in frosting, sugar in cake). 

Q. What happens if I miss a day and take a bite of a dessert?

A. If you do cave in in the next 30 days with a small bite of dessert, it’s OK! Get back up and try again. There is no failure in this challenge except the failure to try to start the new year humbler and healthier. Remember, you skipping a luxury like dessert will help us provide a family with essential groceries. 

Q. Are there any cheat days? 

A. For this challenge, you do get 1 cheat day every 2 weeks. You don't have to use your cheat days.  

Q. What will ICNA Relief do with my donation?

A. Your donation will go towards sustaining our Hunger Prevention program, which includes our 27 food pantries, weekly hot meal distributions for the homeless and those in need, and Ramadan food baskets.

Q: What if I intentionally cheat and eat a cupcake?   

A: This challenge is about giving to charity and your willpower to give more than to take. Make a donation and try again! We want you to win!

Q. How can I get a free t-shirt?

A. All you have to do is donate a minimum $100 towards our Hunger Prevention program or donate a recurring donation of $30 a month on this payment page. Once you have met one of these qualifications, we will then send you your free t-shirt. Shirts are first come first served. We have only a limited number of shirts so don't wait to make your donation!

Q. Is there any other way I can get a t-shirt?

A. Yes! We'll be having a few Giveaways on our Facebook so be sure to Like our Facebook page here and stay tuned.



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