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Muslim Family Services

  • 1793 Bloomingdale Rd STE # 4, Glendale Heights, 60139
    Mon-Tue, Wed-Sat 10 am – 3 pm
    Ph: 844.414.4862
    Email: chicago@icnarelief.org

Food Pantry

  • 1781 Bloomingdale Rd, Glendale Heights 60139
    Tuesday from 2 pm – 4 pm
    Thursday from 10 – 4 pm
    Saturday from 10 – 4 pm

    Ph: 844.414.4862
    Email: chicago@icnarelief.org

Refugee Resource Center and Food Pantry

ICNA Relief Refugee Resource Center & Food Pantry
Open: M, T, Sat. from 10 AM – 3 PM

Transitional House

  • Contact us for more information.
    Ph: 844.414.4862
    Email: chicago@icnarelief.org
Contact Us

Contact Us
Ph: 844.414.4862
Email: chicago@icnarelief.org
Address: 1793 Bloomingdale RD,
STE # 4, Glendale Heights 60139.

News & Events

Are You in Chicago & Willing to Gift  a Mom of a Newborn Some TLC?
Every Superhero mom needs a sidekick! Unfortunately, many women do not have long term or even short term support post partum. Sometimes, we may have family around but just need extra support, especially after the birth of a new baby. We have almost a dozen moms who need a little TLC!
You can be that Mommy League Superhero to a new mom! 
Join The Mommy League, an ICNA Relief Chicago service, that provides meals, light house work, counseling (ppd), babysitting of other children, translation during medical visits and lactation consulting free of charge, to moms of newborns for up to six weeks from birth. If you would like to help, please sign up as a Mommy League Superhero! Details here
May God reward and bless all the moms who are doing the essential and difficult job of raising the next generation, ameen.

Would You like to Conduct a Food Drive for ICNA Relief?

    Would you like to conduct a food drive for ICNA Relief? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place and we couldn’t be happier! We welcome all options whether it’s a monthly food drive  or an annual one or one in between.  Hunger in the United States is often hidden […]

What Do They All Have in Common?

These are just some of our clients who’ve received a car from ICNA Relief’s donors. Thank you for shortening the distance between poverty and employment for them. To donate your car, email chicago@icnarelief.org. Jazak Allah Khair.

Are You Looking for a Job?

  We are seeking a food pantry assistant ( full-time paid position) at our Rogers Park / Devon pantry. Duties: – Assist in receiving, distribution and replenishment of food items/ supplies from suppliers – Assist in the food pantry and client related paperwork, in compliance with the local laws and ICNA Relief policies – Ability […]

Will You be One of 100 Donors to Say “Yes” on Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is Nov. 27th this year, a day when people donate to their favorite charities and causes around the world. (Hint: ICNA Relief 🤗) This year, PayPal will match any donation made through www.facebook.com/icnarelief on Nov. 27th, starting at 7 a.m. CT!! Can we get 100 donors to commit to donating $100 each, via FB, on Nov […]

A Family of 5 with Nowhere to Go

Is this the face you see when you think of homelessness? Unfortunately, this is reality. The average age of a homeless person is 9, in Illinois. DCFS had intervened in the face of domestic violence. Following the parents divorce, the mother and children found themselves homeless and on the streets. This family of 4 children, […]

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