She Took 2 Buses, 1 Train and Walked 2 Miles to Feed Her 3 Little Children.

Khadija* from Hyderabad, India was living in Plano, TX and was silently suffering physical abuse from her husband for the past 7 years. Her first son, Abdullah*, grew up witnessing this abuse. He reported this to his teacher who informed the social services office. Khadija was given an option: either stay with her abusive husband, or leave the house with 3 little children. She opted to be with her children and stayed 9 months in a women’s shelter. Later on, she received Section 8 housing.

With no food to feed her children, she became desperate and started searching for resources and that’s when someone informed her about the ICNA Relief Dallas Food Pantry. She was found standing last in the long queue by the pantry manager. She requested him to provide food early so that she can reach back home early. When declined, she informed that she had to take 2 buses, a train and walked 2 miles with little children to arrive at the ICNA food pantry.

She was brought in first to be registered and received a month’s share of food and was provided a lift home. Later on, ICNA Relief Dallas team visited her to hear her story. The house had nothing but few mattresses, pots and pans. First item the team brought in was a washer and dryer, as little kids soil their clothes too often. Then the house got filled with the furniture. She requested a sewing machine and a laptop, for she herself holds a bachelors degree in Economics.

She started knocking the doors of her neighbor asking for work involving clothes alteration. Through the laptop she started taking computer courses. And all this time as she tried to start up work ICNA Relief was helping her with her food.

When she was ready to start work, she requested for her resume to be prepared. After couple of interviews, she got a job. She needed a car and we were able to get her one. Now, she has a steady job, and her children go to regular school and Sunday school. She saved enough money to visit her country and is processing her parent’s immigration through a lawyer.

In every step of accomplishment towards betterment of her life, she found ICNA Relief Dallas providing her a solid support, as a father provides to his daughter.


*Original names have been altered for this story.