Due to its ferocity, some people on social media were calling Irma a “category six,” even though there is no such thing as a category six hurricane.

As Irma was about to hit the Caribbeans and then projected to hit Florida by Sept. 10, Br. Arif Ali, who’s leading ICNA Relief’s disaster response to Harvey in Houston, was thinking of his home in Florida.

His colleague Br. Abdulrauf Khan, Assistant Executive Director at ICNA Relief, had departed back to his home state of Florida after spending three days in Houston, Beaumont, and Port Arthur to prepare for ICNA Relief’s response to Hurricane Irma. But, Br. Arif stayed back to serve the needs of Houstonians.

With the help of over 15 volunteers each day, Br. Arif is cleaning up two or more homes daily since the past five days, especially in the poor neighborhoods of the Fifth Ward.

Br. Arif has expertise in the field of immediate, short, and long term recovery work after a disaster, especially in home cleanup, and mucking and gutting out flooded homes.

Br. Arif and his team will be working in the Fifth Ward and surrounding under-served areas of Houston till this coming Sept. 10th, before moving to other locations.

“I am happy to be of assistance as much as I can here in Houston,” said Br. Arif. “I just ask you to please keep me, my family, and everyone in Florida in your du’as.”