We appreciate our collaborators both locally and on the national level. It is the generosity of our donors and community partners that make the work that we do possible…


LabCorp provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services through a national network of primary clinical laboratories and specialized Centers of Excellence. Lab corp provides lab services free of charge to the clinic.

Helps alleviate child hunger in the Low country by providing food to children and their families. Food Bank has helped serve families from are pantry with lots breakfast items,meats,dairy, and much more.


USDA has a vision to provide economic opportunity through innovation, helping rural America to thrive; to promote agriculture production that better nourishes Americans while also helping feed others throughout the world. Has helped us feed families in are food pantry.


Americares is nonprofit of donated medicine and medical supplies, they listen to the communities they serve and respond compassionately and nimbly to their needs. Americares provides us with no cost medication and medical supplies to the clinic as we order, the amount we need.


Direct Relief focuses on providing resources to strengthen fragile health systems and enabling health workers to address the tremendous needs of resource-poor communities. Direct Relief provides the clinic medicines at no charge to the clinic


Colorectal cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in the US. That will lead to improved methods for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal cancer. Colorectal Cancer allows us to refer patients to do, Colorectal cancer screening at no cost to the uninsured and medically undeserved.

CHDR Diabetes Telehealth Project
Telehealth Project: Technology-assisted Case Management (TACM)-2

This program employs the innovative FORA system for diabetes coupled with nurse case management to optimize care for low income rural adults with type 2 diabetes. The study is inherently novel in that it optimizes two strategies that have been shown to improve glycemic control: nurse case management and telemonitoring interventions to improve effective health care delivery in rural, underserved and minority communities with high rates of type 2 diabetes.


Clinic refers the patients to  Hollings Cancer Center mobile health unit for screening mammograms and Center in turn refers unfunded patients to the clinic if they do not have a primary care provider. We work together as community partners to address the needs of the uninsured, underserved in the communities we serve. In addition, Hollings Cancer Center breast health patient navigation program provides help to the patients referred to the Center by working to remove any barriers (financial, transportation, language, social, etc.) to them receiving timely screening, diagnostic and treatment services.

Roper St. Francis

Clinic refers patients for speciality care and surgical needs to physicians of Roper Saint Francis who provide the needed care through Roper Saint Francis charity program.


The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) is the state agency charged with protecting public health, coastal resources, and the state’s land, air and water quality as authorized under multiple state and federal laws. We are certified Vaccine for Children site and DHEC provides us with all the ACIP immunizations for children. In addition at the time of Flu season we DHEC provides us with no cost Flu vaccines.


The Junior League of Charleston Diaper Bank was developed to fill the gap of diaper struggles and need  in the community. The Junior League of Charleston Diaper Bank collects, packages and work with partner organizations to distribute diapers to those in need throughout the Lowcountry.


Survey Hero
We are thankful to SurveyHero.com for allowing us to use their
online survey software for free.


As an organization, our core values are driven by a desire to improve human life, achieve scientific excellence, operate with the highest standards of integrity, expand access to our products and employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration. Through Merck we have patient assistance programs running which helps in providing other vaccines including Gardasil, Pnuemovax, MMR


Shifa clinic is a member of National Association of Free clinics


Shifa Clinic is a member in good standing of South Carolina Free Clinic Association.


Field to Families’ goal is to alleviate hunger in the Tri-County area by harvesting, collecting, growing, and distributing local produce to a network of service agencies and programs. Partnership with Fields to families has helped are clinic food pantry clients access to fresh fruits and vegetables.