Job Title: Outreach Coordinator/Food Pantry Coordinator
Classification: Non-Exempt
Status Part-Time
Reports to:
Department/Program: Outreach/Hunger Prevention
Location: Onsite and Remote


Job Summary:
Outreach Coordinator effectively performs outreach activities as per plans and close coordination and collaboration with the Field Office Coordinator; engages, mobilizes and retains existing donors; identifies and encourages new donors.

Essential Responsibilities:
· Build strategic relationships with community leadership including Masjids, Community
Leaders and Islamic Organizations
· Increase awareness about the organization and its social work in the local community
· Responsible for revenue collection by engaging the existing donors; focuses on
identifying and motivating new donors for ICNA Relief; and ensures donor retention
· Follow up with donors via phone, email and visits.
· Prepare report on in-person visits with donors
· Participate in community groups, steering communities, forging partnerships with
supporting organizations
· Perform day to day duties of all the service programs as assigned by the Field Office
· Responsible for accurate data collection, documentation, record keeping and provide
timely reports
· Act as the first point of contact for enquiries on the field relief work
· Execute national campaigns, banquets, fundraisers and other special events of service
· Engage needy individuals requiring social service assistance
· Recruit, train, maintain and increase the local volunteer base
· Attend all required company meetings
· Collaborate with related organizational members and their boards
· Respond promptly to all enquiries from donors and potential donors by providing
information and promotion materials as required
· Ensure the availability of company’s marketing materials (flyers, posters, banners etc.)
at community centers, Masajid, vendors and other places
· Promote and market the organization and its services
· Develop new and creative initiatives to increase revenue
· Produce high quality pictures/videos and client stories from our relief services

  • Comply with all operational policies and procedures within the framework of ICNA Relief’s policies and procedures.
  • Oversee the proper implementation and improvement of the ICNA Relief’ food pantry


  • Maintain tidiness & cleanliness of the food pantry.
  • Based on the guidelines provided, place food items in their respective racks.
  • During operating hours, participate in the distribution of food while maintaining good


Position Type/Expected Hours of Work:
Some flexibility in hours is allowed, but the employee must be available during the core work
hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Evening and weekend work may be required as an
integral part of the job based on the nature of the role and its responsibilities.
Other Tasks
– Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor