Meet Some of Our Volunteers


Aflaha bin Saad

Volunteering for ICNA Relief is an extremely rewarding experience. I believe giving back to the community is the whole model.


YM Jamaica | Vasilah Owais (Middle)

The YM Jamaica Chapter wanted to help distribute basic necessities and other goods to victims of flooding in queens.

“I wanted to be a role model but I see there’s much more required. I lacked vision and soul. my sorry.”


Sabeer Ibrahim

Before I volunteered for ICNA Relief, I didn’t quite have the complete vision of what its like. This experience has really opened my eyes and soul.


“Alhumdulillah for the work ICNA Relief  does.” – Volunteer, January 2020, NY

“We’re happy to be able to help.” – Volunteer, March 2019, NY

“We love seeing what ICNA Relief  does and it feels amazing being a part of it.” – Volunteer, September 2019, NY

“Being able to give back is a great feeling.” – Volunteer, April 2018, NY

“ICNA Relief is a integral part of our Community.” – Volunteer, May 2019, NY

“I want to do my part.” – Volunteer, October 2018, NY