California fires displace over 20,000 people, killing 10 and destroying over 1,500 structures!

ICNA Relief is deeply concerned about the wild fires that sparked in Northern and Southern California, and is requesting everyone living in the area to take all precautionary measures. Sadly over 20,000 people were evacuated, including a few hospitals. The fires also took 10 lives and injured many so far.

The Islamic Shura Council of So Cal has requested local  Orange County based Masajid to open their centers as emergency evacuation centers for those affected by the fires. ICNA Relief is a member of this council and is there to help. As of now, the Islamic Center of Irvine has committed to stay open as a shelter for those affected. Our ICNA Relief So Cal office has also reached out to the So Cal VOAD to be there for any assistance.

We ask everyone to make a special prayer for those affected and also to be in solidarity with them through these difficult times.

Our SoCal ICNA Relief office is located in Anaheim, CA, and offers the following services: food pantry, health clinic, mobile clinic, eye clinic and dental clinic.

If we can be of any assistance, please reach out to our So Cal office at icnareliefsocal@icnarelief.org