Disaster Relief Team Keeps Eye on Irma As It Heads to Florida


ICNA Relief USA, one of the only Muslim relief organizations recognized by FEMA, is monitoring Hurricane Irma’s path as it barrels towards Florida after pummeling Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.

We are standing ready and standing still in Florida while awaiting FEMA’s plan for affected states and territories. Please keep Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas in your prayers.

Volunteers are currently shuttering windows for elderly neighbors in South Florida and ICNA Relief is collaborating with 13 mosques in Georgia to serve as temporary shelters for hurricane evacuees. Our local team in Central Florida is also providing mosques in the area acting as shelters with in-kind donations such as food and hygiene products.

If you live in an area under evacuation orders, please evacuate safely now. Also, check out this list of must-have supplies to get you through the storm.

Currently, ICNA Relief’s Disaster Relief Services are actively engaged in disaster preparedness in Florida, disaster response in Texas, and disaster recovery in Louisiana after last year’s floods.

ICNA Relief offices along with ICNA and Helping Hands chapters across the country are active in disaster response efforts.