Irma Makes Landfall in Florida

UPDATE* Hurricane Irma has passed through Florida killing 40 people and leaving 6 million people without power. ICNA Relief’s local South Florida is out assisting neighbors clean up after their homes were damaged by the fierce winds. ICNA Relief’s National Disaster Relief Team has been deployed to Florida and will officially begin working on flooded homes in the next couple of days.

Sept. 10th: Hurricane Irma has made landfall in Florida. It is currently a category 4 hurricane, which could result in storm surges that “could swallow coastal cities” in the state according to media reports.

ICNA Relief’s Disaster Relief Team is standing ready and standing still in Florida, while awaiting FEMA’s plan for affected states and territories.

Our local staff and volunteers are already assisting hurricane evacuees in shelters in both South and Central Florida.

ICNA Relief is raising a combined $500,000 for both Irma and Harvey hurricane survivors. Please do your part and support our hurricane fund today. Donate Now

Currently, ICNA Relief’s Disaster Relief Services are actively engaged in disaster preparedness in Florida, disaster response in Texas, and disaster recovery in Louisiana after last year’s floods.

ICNA Relief offices along with ICNA and Helping Hands chapters across the country are active in disaster response efforts.

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