ICNA Relief Responds to Disastrous Alabama Tornado

A fatal tornado touched down in southeast Alabama on Sunday, March 3rd, 2019. It was part of a severe storm system that caused calamitous damage and was the beginning of an outbreak of more tornadoes around the Southeast.

First responders sifted through debris Monday searching for missing persons after several tornadoes devastated communities in the Southeast.

Six states were affected by the severe weather that produced the tornadoes: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina.

In all, an estimated 38 tornadoes touched down across the South on Sunday, March 3rd, according to the National Weather Service. Twelve of those were in Alabama and four touched down in Lee County.

It is reported that at least 23 people died in Lee County, Alabama due to Sunday’s severe weather and is recorded as the deadliest U.S. tornado outbreak in six years, according to the U.S. Storm Prediction Center.

On Saturday, March 8th, ICNA Relief deployed a group of Disaster Relief volunteers to Lee County, Alabama where the tornado did the most damage.

The group headed out to meet with the Mayor of Lee County and other organizations who came for the same cause as well as picked up a few more volunteers along the way that wanted to join in on the efforts. After a brief safety training course, they headed out to a neighborhood that significantly needed the attention of the volunteers.

Br. Hamid Qureshi, Regional Director and Sr. Sara Wada, Media Outreach Coordinator for ICNA Relief Georgia, led the group of 25 volunteers that spent their day assisting the tornado victims by clearing hazardous debris that was thrown onto their properties by the estimated 170 mph winds.

When asked about the recovery efforts, Matthew Sorrells from the Alabama Forestry Commission stated, “We’ve seen good efforts and everything from total loss & major damage to minor damage on properties and we’ve seen a very good joint effort.  Thank you to all of the volunteers out here”.

The Alabama residents were very appreciative and welcoming and were very grateful for the support.

“This trip was very enlightening. Seeing trees split in half really opened my eyes to the amount of damage that had been done. Being able to help the people in this area for the sake of Allah was an amazing experience.” said Aaliyah, one of the volunteers.

Under the Islamic principle of helping the unfortunate in our communities through compassion and service, ICNA Relief represents our Nation’s Muslim response to disasters. ICNA Relief supports all phases of disaster: Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. Including mitigation, advocacy, and community resiliency for the whole-community.  We assist in training and networking, planning and deployment, long term case management, and rebuilding better and resilient communities while also advocating for the benefit of those impacted by disaster. Please join and support our good intentions and sincere efforts.


The Disaster Relief volunteer team is planning another trip to the areas affected by this tornado. If interested, please fill out this form:  Alabama Disaster Relief Volunteer Form

If you cannot volunteer, your support is welcome in any way! Please visit www.icnarelief.org/tornadorelief to find out how you can contribute!