ICNA Relief Dedicating $250K+ for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey has devastated southern Texas causing 30 deaths, historic flooding, and wide-scale destruction since making landfall on August 25th.

ICNA Relief USA is dedicating over $250,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston. Our local Houston team is already on the ground assisting neighbors in need and our National Disaster Relief Team is awaiting federal orders to immediately deploy to the area.

Stand with survivors in Texas today. Donate to ICNA Relief Harvey Relief Fund!

What ICNA Relief will be doing in Texas:

  • Collaborate with mosques to support temporary shelters
  • Serve the impacted through mass feeding
  • Coordinate with local doctors and organizers to provide medical assistance at the mega shelter
  • Provide gutting and mucking out services for flooded homes
  • Collect and dispense in-kind donations as requested
  • Offer financial assistance
  • Provide case workers to document survivors’ needs, share information with them, and refer them to organizations to further assist them

Donate to ICNA Relief Harvey Relief Fund!