Dallas Food Pantry Served 12,000+ Since Year’s Start

Under its Refugee Facilitation program, ICNA Relief Dallas initiated its food pantry project in March 2012 in an area where around 500 refugee families reside within a five-mile radius.

Ever since its inception, the local community members, Islamic centers, businesses as well as ICNA Sisters have come forward and ensured that the Dallas Food Pantry (DFP) is always serving the hungry and needy with healthy food. The Dallas community proved that generosity, grace and kindness are its hallmark. This pantry has every potential to become a model food pantry, sooner than later.

Currently, the DFP serves nearly 125 families on weekly basis. Families visit the pantry on every Sunday and receive their food. The beneficiaries come from almost all ethnicities. The criterion is real need only. No one is judged here and no one is denied of food. Every needy person is served on first-come first-serve basis.

The refugees make a beautiful mosaic by representing 29 different countries. Every family receives about 70 pounds of food that includes meat (chicken/ beef / mutton), milk, eggs, rice/parboiled rice, sugar, flour, diapers for children, adult diapers, pasta, cereal, canned fruits and vegetables, fresh produce. Large families receive two shares as compared to an average size family. ICNA Relief Dallas invites you to become a regular part in noble cause with your generous and timely support for needy families.

The total number of families served during 2017 so far was 3621. 216 new families started receiving food during this period. The breakdown of the families’ households: adults 5903, children 5536 and elder 553.