Computer Courses for Refugees Start in Dallas

ICNA Relief Dallas has ventured into the next step of refugee rehabilitation by offering skills training. From now on refugee brothers and sisters, and even their kids, will receive free computer classes.

Br. Zahid Hussain in collaboration with Br. Tauseef Ansari, a digital marketing consultant, will be teaching 3 levels of courses. Level 1 students will learn only the basics such as typing and accessing the internet; Level 2 students will be taught to become proficient in Microsoft Office; Level 3 students will move on to utilizing Advanced Microsoft Office and Adobe software.

The program was kick started with a needs assessment session, where 25 attendees were tested on their computer competency. Most of the group was determined to fall under Level 1. Still, some showed they already knew they’re way around computers.

“I was very impressed to see a few people to be at Level 2,” said Br. Tauseef.

One issue the ICNA Relief office in Dallas is facing is the lack of laptops. To donate one, please contact Br. Zahid Hussain at zhussain@icnarelief.org.