Back2School Giveaway: 10 Years in the Making!

This year marks the 10th year of our Back2School Giveaway (B2SG) project! MashaAllah!  Without a doubt, it hasn’t always been easy to organize these events in dozens of states across the country, but there have been some moments that have defined why we continue to implement this program with our local communities.  The stories we have heard from clients, the children we have encountered who are in need, and the volunteers we have worked with all have shown us that this initiative to the under-served areas benefit greatly from this program.

As more students make their way back to school, the lower income children will have to face the usual anxieties of homework and speeches, but the biggest anxiety they will face is how they will fit in if they don’t have the money to buy new clothing or school supplies. Though nonprofits are limited in this harsh economy, ICNA Relief’s resources for the Annual Back2School Giveaway is focused on young, underprivileged children that will need the tools for a successful school year.

Parents who earn less than $25,000 per year are 10 times more likely than higher-income parents to apply for a new credit card in order to buy school supplies for the coming year and to save as little as 5% on school supplies, according to a survey from the personal-finance website WalletHub.  This statistic is frightening because it shows that lower income families are becoming more in debt because they can’t afford the supplies that they are required to get by their children’s schools.  This, in turn, causes stress and continues the vicious cycle of “where do we get the money for the rest of our bills”.  That is why we have put our B2SG program in place every year.  We don’t want to see our clients struggle more than they have to.

Since 2009, from July to September, the organization and its many chapters have distributed over 200,000 backpacks and supplies, in over half the US.

Last year at the various Back2School Giveaway events in Detroit, Sr. Jasmine Hasni, National Marketing Coordinator for ICNA Relief saw so many children who were so excited once they held their backpack full of supplies. “The children’s faces lit up when they were able to choose what color they liked best and once they opened the bag, it was over!  They couldn’t believe that it was filled with supplies.  Their faces made the process of planning, organizing, and executing the giveaway events all worth it.  It’s also a great reminder of how fortunate we are because there are so many that can’t afford the simple things we take for granted.”

We realize how critical of a part we play in giving disadvantaged children and families the basics, and the self-confidence, they need to succeed in the coming school year. So, ICNA Relief is already organizing drives and events for our student-clients to gear up and get excited to go back to school.

“This drive, #OneNationOneCause, is an expression of solidarity.  We stand together, and are committed to being there for our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable. These are Islamic principles and universal human values in action. We are grateful to all our partners for coming together as one,” said Mr. Maqsood Ahmed, ICNA Relief CEO.

The Back2School Giveaway multi-state distribution is scheduled for July 27th, at various locations across the United States and is using the hashtag #OneNationOneCause.

Education is Power and when the tides rise, all ships rise! Your support makes all the difference! Help us celebrate our 10th anniversary by putting a smile on thousands of kids in need nationwide!