Community Services

We provide culturally relevant assistance to our predominantly Muslim community, and also to our neighbors, hopefully healing their hardship as best as we could.

The following are services we offer to the communities in Greater Boston and Greater Lowell, whereby ICNA Relief NEw England directly assists/facilitates the democratization of essential needs to members of our community.

  • Financial Assistance
  • Zakat-ul Fitr
  • Free Computer (to keep), and internet (for 1 year)
    • Previously courtesy of Boston Public Library
    • Currently in partnership with Technology Goes Home
  • Immigration Legal Help
    • access to an immigration lawyer (pro-bono) via Massachusetts Immigrant Collaborative
    • in person consultation with an immigrant specialist, Ace New American Center (Lowell only)
    • Free Citizenship legal assistance via IINE
  • Refugee Support
    • On demand only, supported by our various partners
    • Ace Shop (Lowell only), provide free household items & clothing.
    • English Classes (Lowell only)

Email us for an appointment


Email us to check eligibility requirement and to set an appointment for an in-person intake process.

At a minimum please prepare the following documentation to be viewed during intake.

  • Identification (Goverment ID / Passport / Visa / School ID)
  • Proof of address (Latest Utility, Bank Letter, Lease or any bills/court document)
  • Proof of income (Latest wage slip, SSI/DTA letter etc)