Volunteer Highlights

Volunteer Testimonials

“Volunteering at ICNA Relief has been and continues to be one of the best experiences I have had with an organization.  As a young student looking for life-changing experiences, ICNA Relief provided me an avenue to volunteer in many different settings. Whether it be the food pantry, or even providing food/clothing to the less fortunate, ICNA Relief continues to be an essential part of the community. ICNA Relief also provides the youth with a platform to benefit the community. With their help, my friends and I were able to create the Unity Garden. ICNA Relief was the first organization to provide resources and support for our ideas and was crucial in making them possible.  ICNA Relief not only continues to be a beacon of hope for the community, but it also provides an avenue for an average student like me to gain real-world experience in benefiting my community.” — Arif Hussain

Wayne State University Muslim Student Association


Canned Food Drive: Students of Wayne State MSA organized a campus canned food drive, in which over 1600 cans worth of food were collected to be distributed to various in the metro-Detroit area.

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Hijab Awareness Week Fundraising Dinner for Saakinah House: Students of Wayne State MSA organized a dinner in which all proceeds were donated to our transitional house!

To volunteer with us, please contact office@mfs.icnarelief.org.