Job Opening – Health Services Admin Assistant

ICNA Relief’s Shifa Clinic, Duluth
3650 Savannah Place Drive, Duluth, GA 30096

Job Description


Title: Admin Assistant Location: ICNA Relief’s Shifa Clinic, Duluth

Reports to: Md Abu Raihan, Assistant Director of Health Services

Date Approved: Position approved by CEO on February 20, 2020

Duration of appointment: This is a part time position for a duration of eighteen months,
starting in April 2020. The person will work forty hours per month. S/he will attend the clinic
every Saturday from 9 – 4 PM and work at home during the remaining hours to communicate
with patients, collect and analyze data and prepare reports.
Primary Function: Work closely with Assistant Director of health services in managing the CVS
Health Foundation grant activities and other administrative tasks of the clinic.

Specific Functions:
● Create a data base of identified cases of diabetes and hypertension
● Filing and managing diabetic patient’s clinical information, lab results, treatment and
follow up records
● Disseminate and share health educational materials with patients
● Communicate with patients to ensure their follow up visits to the clinic timely
● Ensure that patient’s lab works are done timely and findings are recorded and analyzed
to track the progress of their diabetes and hypertension conditions
● Facilitate patient assistant programs of various pharmaceutical companies and support
getting free insulin, metformin, and antihypertensive medicine for poor patients
approved by the supervisor
● Analyze data and prepare monthly reports using formats provided by the supervisor
● Any other task(s) related to clinic and project management as assigned by the

Qualification and skills required: At least a high school diploma. Positive approach for social
cause and familiar with free clinic operations. Work experience in a US medical facility and
industry as a medical assistant, pharmacy technician, patient coordinator, etc. is required.
Essential computer skills in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet, etc. and strong ability in
verbal and written communication with patients, donors and pharmaceutical companies are
necessary. Practical project/grant management experience is a plus.

To apply, please send your resume to HR@icnarelief.org and abu.raihan@icnarelief.org.