Education is the passport for success. Let's empower children in lower income communities by providing them the basic educational needs

Can Shaykh Omar Suleiman count on you? 

ICNA Relief Hosts 10th Annual #OneNationOneCause Back2School Giveaway in 35 States and Puerto Rico, Over 30 Days, in 100+ cities with Hundreds of Partners

Join ICNA Relief’s #OneNationOneCause Back2School drives in over 35 states and Puerto Rico, in 100+ cities, over 30 days to send a child to school with confidence! A new backpack and supplies gives children in struggling families the right head start! Besides thousands of individual donors like many of you, our partners include hundreds of non-profits, businesses, libraries, villages, schools, houses of worship and community centers nationwide. Thank you for sharing our vision and helping make our goals a reality!

Since 2009, from July to September, the organization and its many chapters have distributed over 200,000 backpacks and supplies, in over half the US. Education is Power and when the tides rise, all ships rise! Your support makes all the difference!

Help us celebrate our 10th anniversary by putting a smile on the faces of thousands of kids in need nationwide! 

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"I've been volunteering in this initiative for years, and have seen an immense positive impact in the community."

Shakaib Jamal



"As a Principal I was more than excited about the opportunity to offer every child on my campus a backpack & supplies to start the year."

Shavannia Dash

[School Principal]

The Back-2-School Giveaway

project has reached 35 states!

Want to get involved?

From holding your own drive to donating supplies for an event, there are many ways to get involved. If you want to know how, please email us at Be sure to mention your city so the nearest ICNA Relief representative can connect with you!

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