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Starting the first day of Ramadan, you will receive a daily email regarding a campaign chosen by the ICNA Relief team. Simply support that project with a donation amount of your choice. If you choose to opt in for our automatic giving, you will receive a summary donation email regarding the project you donated to each day.

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– Hadith from Tirmidhi

The Muhajirin greatly appreciated the good deeds of their Ansar brothers, and told the Prophet (s): "O Messenger of Allah, we have never seen anything like this people to whom we have come: if they have a little, they are still willing to help, and if they have plenty, they are most generous. They have supported us and shared their wealth with us, so much so that we feared that they would receive all the reward." The Prophet (s) said: no, not so long as you praise them and pray to Allah for them.'

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Is my donation tax eligible?


Where is my donation going?

If you choose “one time” donation, then your donation will go to that day’s project. If you choose "recurring" then your donation will be distributed among all the projects. If you want to pick and choose, simply add additional comments on the donation page.

Is my donation going to the project or overhead?

In ICNA Relief we are proud to have one of the lowest admin cost at 5%. 6% of donations are for fundraisers and 89% of donations are specifically for our projects. We will do our best to make sure all of the money donated during this campaign goes to the projects themselves. More information on our finances can be found on our Charity Navigator page. 

Where can I find more information about ICNA Relief's finances?

You can go to our Charity Navigator page, or read our 2019 Impact Report located on our website at