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"My name is Abdulrauf Khan, a long time Florida resident and Assistant Executive Director of ICNA Relief USA. Last night I went to visit Melbourne and offered Isha there. Around 1 am when I was about to leave, I met Mr. Travis whose car got stuck in the mud in the soccer field (it had rained heavily earlier) which was being used for overflow parking.  ICNA Relief's Disaster Relief truck was there to the rescue to pull the brother's car out and take him to a nearby car wash.

At 2 am on my drive back home to Boca Raton,  I realize I was going to miss tahajjud and it was the 27th night of Ramadan, so I decided to stop and pray at Fort Pierce Masjid.  At 3 am when I arrived, a local brother was standing outside the masjid -- he had locked his keys in his truck. As a relief worker, I offered my help.  While we trying to get his truck open, a random guy -- totally drunk -- drove up, jumped out of his truck and started swinging punches at us.   

It was totally unexpected it all happened in about 15 to 20 second.  He was cursing and saying, "You Muslims, go back home!"  My Disaster Relief training came in handy allowing me fend off the attacker and call 911. When he realized I was calling the police he took off in his truck. Alhamdulillah he didn't have a gun or who knows what would have happened last night.

The police arrived very quickly. We gave them a description of the attacker and his truck tag number and they eventually arrested the drunk attacker. Paramedics also made it to the scene and made sure we were okay. The brother I was trying to help got hit really bad.

Allah knows why He put me there.  Imagine this brother being alone during this attack? The job of a relief worker never ends, even at 3 am in the morning."

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Read About the attack in the local media: The Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post

June 13, 2016, Fort Pierce, Florida – In a press conference at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, the local Muslim community denounced the attacks in Orlando yesterday.

The Imam of the Center Imam Shafiqur Rehaman, attorney Omar Saleh from the Council of Islamic American Relations and Abdur Rauf Khan from ICNA Florida Chapter spoke among others.

The event was well attended by local, national, and international media. The organizers issued a press statement, spoke to the media and answered media queries.

ICNA condemned the attack in Orlando as “barbaric” and its representative AbdurRauf Khan said “we join our fellow Americans in condemning this act of violence… regardless of motives and faith of the killer." He added “We offer our condolence to the families for their great loss from this tragic event.”

All local and state law enforcement agencies, interfaith organizations and Islamic Centers were also in attendance at the packed session.

On Sunday afternoon, the LGBT and Interfaith community invited the Florida Muslim Community to attend an interfaith event and press conference. Islamic center representatives, Imams, Muslim organizations like Cosmos, Emerge USA, CAIR, MDC and ICNA participated.

Muhammad Ali volunteering with ICNA    Muhammad Ali's brochures
In the early 90's, Muhammad Ali used to join ICNA as a volunteer to distribute Udhiya meat in Chicago. The picture above is one instance of that. This picture includes Muhammad Ali, Misbahuddin Rufai, Sikander Bajwa, Mahmood Hussaini, Abdul Malik Mujahid, and Jabir Muhammad (Brother of the late Imam Warith Deen Muhammad)     Muhammad Ali always kept a pack of ICNA pamphlets on Islam with him. He used them to give his autograph whenever requested. He also used to autograph them before handing them out at the ICNA Dawah booths where he regularly volunteered.


Personal feelings about the passing away of Muhammad Ali:

“Usually I don’t write much on social media, but last night when I heard the sad news about the passing away about Muhammad Ali (inna lillahee wa inna ilayhi rajeoon), I want to share my feelings with you. He was my personal hero while I was growing up, to me he was a beacon of light for the oppressed and under-served, and an ambassador of hope and peace for the entire world. I was fortunate to meet him at the JFK Airport in 1988. He was handing out introductory brochures about Islam to a few people in the airport lounge, including myself. I met him then and also offered my prayers together with him.  Due to Parkinson disease, his speech was slurred, but being in his presence was truly uplifting, and as you observe him from a distance you can only observe that wherever he steps ground in the public, regardless of their color or faith, all were in awe when they witnessed his luminous face and presence. We ask Allah SWT to enter him into a high level in Paradise and give patience to the Ali family.”  

- Maqsood Ahmad, Executive Director of ICNA Relief USA


Muhammad Ali left a universal legacy that will be missed, it was a legacy that transcended athleticism into a symbol for social justice & equality, social service and world peace.

One of Muhammad Ali’s premier fights was to improve the literacy within the African American community (read more), which is a very noble and important cause. According to Tavis Smiley Reports: Too Important to Fail,  54% of African Americans graduate from high school, which is quite alarming. Education is the passport to success, ICNA Relief stands by Muhammad Ali and Lonnie Ali’s decision to work on this very important initiative.


ICNA Relief’s Back 2 School Giveaway campaign is very much in line with the legacy of Muhammad Ali, which aims to “knock out” illiteracy by supplying school bags and essential school supplies to children living in lower-income communities across the United States. This year our hope is to provide 100,000 children with backpacks. You can help us Knock Out Illiteracy by clicking here.

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