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A brother needs $2,000 to pay the court penalty, otherwise he would be subjected to severe punishment.

Court Penalty $2,000donate 100px

A mother of four receives eviction notice in Queens, NY. She has outstanding amount of $2,600 in fees and rent.

She has a restraining order against her abusive husband.

Immediate need is $1,800.donate 100px

A brother in Florida prison got the court judgment in his favor but he need to pay the attorney fee to close the case.

Attorney Fees $2,700.00 is requested.donate 100px

A mother of four children ages 10, 8, 6 years and 2 months old daughter in Massachusetts. Her husband lost his job last month. They are recently approved for section 8 housing but they are behind one month rent in the current apartment.

This family is seeking assistance towards the rent. They will not be able to take Section 8 Apartment if the rent of the current apartment is not paid.

Rental Assistance in the amount of $1,500.00 is requested.

donate 100px

She is the only provider for her divorced mother and two young children, while she herself suffers from Hepatitis B, which is caused by an infection of the liver. Her two-year old son has had a heart surgery and is experiencing growth problems. The $700 she receives as financial assistance unfortunately do not go a long way. Donate

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