ICNA Relief USA - 10 Alarm Fire Survivors in Massachusetts Need You

Survivors of 10 Alarm Fire Have Lost Everything

Update: Monday, December 5th 2016

"Yesterday was an extremely emotional day for families affected by the Cambridge fire. It was the first time since the fire that many were allowed to reenter their homes. There were also many others who were not allowed in as the buildings were damaged. I stood at the police tape watching families crying, waiting to see if their units were safe to enter. Only one family member was allowed to enter at a time, escorted by fireman, to salvage whatever they could from their burned apartments. This was the first time they truly saw the damage, and it was traumatizing. Please remember these families in your duas, because most have lost everything.

ICNA Relief MA is assisting families and coordinating to  unmet needs. We will help with long term recovery once families are resettled. Currently we are not collecting any donated items, unless specifically requested by families. We are feeding 10 families for the next 2 nights at a hotel in Cambridge (they may be moved on Wednesday). I have talked to the Turkish Consulate and they have decided to provide financial assistance to property owners affected. Please show your support today, to help these families get back on their feet." - Sr. Malika MacDonald

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Sunday, December 4th 2016:

A massive 10 alarm fire in Cambridge, MA broke out yesterday burning down 11 buildings and displacing around 60 families. One of the buildings severely effected housed 30 low-income families who have lost everything. ICNA Relief Massachusetts is working with Cambridge City Councilman Nadeem Mazen and Just a Start Foundation to help these families recover.

There are currently 9 families housed in a nearby hotel with just the clothes on their backs. Sr. Malika MacDonald, Director of ICNA Relief Massachusetts, is assisting the Bepari family (pictured below), who have 3 small children and 2 newly arrived relatives from Bangladesh who lost all their travel and visa documents in the flame. We are coordinating efforts to provide for the family's long term needs as well help their relatives recover their important documents.

ICNA Relief will also be working with the management company who will be attempting to relocate families to other apartments they manage. This will be a long term recovery project to help the affected families start over. We can't do this without your help; please show your support today.

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