ICNA Relief USA - Disaster Relief Team Cleans Up After Georgia Storms

 Disaster Relief Team Cleans Up After Georgia Storms

ICNA Relief's National Disaster Relief Team Leads, collaborating with the Islamic Society of Albany Georgia, are providing chain saw and debris removal clean-up services to survivors in the Albany, Georgia area.  While the State continues to perform disaster assessment and secure the impacted area for re-entry, we will continue to communicate and cooperate with the GA VOAD (Volunteers Active in Disaster) and the ​Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security office to stand-up operations.

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Contact Sr. Jane Aslam (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to provide in-kind donations such as:

  • $50 Wal Mart gift cards can meet the need for water, food, and many other needs
  • pledges from business owners to help provide products or services for community disaster recovery, such as:
    • furniture
    • clothing
    • household goods 
    • skilled repair/rebuild craftsmen, (volunteer XX hours/week)
    • auto dealerships (donation or deferred payment plans)
    • restaurant  gift certificates/cards
    • gasoline gift certificates (hole-punched for multiple visits)

Our Disaster Relief Team is monitoring Gulf South storms 

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Our National Disaster Relief Team has been monitoring and communicating with National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD) (VOAD) since yesterday morning, following deadly tornadoes touching down at William Carey College and in Petal, MS. We will continue conversations this afternoon regarding damage assessment and need for our assistance.

Conversations continued this morning regarding the same storm, now leaving devastated communities in Georgia. Establishing public safety, search and rescue, and damage assessment are ongoing.

We will continue monitoring, communicating, and cooperating with our VOAD and government partners, inshaAllah, as we stand ready to support disaster response in the Gulf South. Please keep our team in your duas as our team heads in to respond.



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