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Muslim Charity Group Teams With FEMA To Help Sandy Victims

By: NY1 News

A Muslim charity group is teaming up with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The Islamic Circle of North America, along with FEMA and the Small Business Administration, held a health fair Friday in Brighton Beach, where storm victims were able to get essentials like blankets, heaters, and medical care.

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They could also get questions answered about how to file for federal aid.

"This organization here is the one who reached out to us because they want to do something in the community, and FEMA always responds to these kinds of things," said Ricardo Lafore, a public information officer with FEMA. "Wherever we're needed or wherever we're asked to be, we're going to be there to spread the word."

"We invite people all over the neighborhood, ask them if they have any concern or question from FEMA," said Abdul Rauf Khan, assistant director of ICNA Disaster Relief.

"Many of them, they don't have their cards," said Dr. Badool Hussani, an internist. "They don't have their medicine. They don't have anything at home because even if they have a card, the cards are gone, they're lost."

Anyone who needs to register for FEMA assistance can call 1-800-621-3362. To get help in languages other than English and Spanish, call 866-333-1796.

Article Courtesy: New York 1 News

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